Saving time with Streamlined Blogging


Saving time with Streamlined Blogging

Feeling the pressure to constantly produce valuable, one-of-a kind content for your blog? I know I am. It’s pretty darn time consuming and when your job title isn’t solely “blogger”, the pressure to keep up can sometimes be debilitating. For me, I use blogging as a way to connect with other creatives and to gain exposure to new clients interested in the work I’m sharing. Blogging is a vital piece of my business.

I’ve discovered a few ways to streamline sharing content no social media. These days, blogging means more than pushing publish in your blogging platform. If you’re doing it “right” (read: thoroughly) it means, sharing that finished post of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc….and do so in a way that isn’t just spamming the same content on all platforms. Whew!! A few tips below.

There are definitely times when logging into WordPress is the very last thing on my mind. When days go by and you’re too busy to post…you’re just too busy. First and foremost, blogging needs to be fun and you need to be able to express your unique vision without feeling like it’s a life/death situation. Blog readers will always come back, clients will find you and your life will NOT be over. hehe.