ORGANIC COTTON. Organic clothing made of organic cotton.

ORGANIC COTTON. Organic clothing made of organic cotton.

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ORGANIC COTTON is produced and certified in accordance with globally established organic standards.

Clothes made of ORGANIC COTTON

Friendly impact on the environment

  • Organic cotton cultivation without toxic chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and artificial fertilisers has less of an impact on the air, uses 71% less water and 62% less energy.
  • It draws 80% of its energy from the rain, which decreases the use of local water sources. You need 2,700 litres of water to make a shirt from conventional cotton!

Sustainable development

  • When you buy organic cotton, you invest in cleaner air, better soils, water protection, and resources for life.

Impact on the food system

  • Cotton seed oil is made during the production of organic cotton. Thanks to this, a plant cultivated in this way may have wider applications than traditional ones.


  • Tens of millions of tonnes of cotton are produced worldwide annually, and only 1% is organic. When choosing organic products, you have the purchasing power to influence brands, producers, consumers and farmers!

What are the advantages of organic cotton clothing?

Organic cotton clothing is ideal for allergy sufferers and extremely pleasant to the touch. It’s thermoregulating and famous for being indestructible – the dense weave makes it resistant to abrasion, tearing and frequent washing.