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Rascal Industry personalised apparel sewn in Europe


We design and sew apparel and accessories with customised logos:

We focus on using materials of the highest quality, as well as superior designs and printmaking and embroidery techniques. We constantly improve the cuts of our apparel to follow the latest trends. We can produce ready-made designs or customise them for you. All of our products are made in Poland. Our customers appreciate the quality of our services and stay with us for a long time.


Personalised labels

Individual approach to each design

Large selection of cuts, prints and embroidery

Personalised apparel packaging upon request


We produce advertising apparel from certified cotton knit fabrics.

The certifications guarantee a selection of high quality fabrics and identification with pro-ecological values. The fabrics, free from any harmful chemical substances, thereby demonstrate the utmost level of safety regarding their contact with the wearer's skin.

znak_baw — kopia
Odzież ekologiczna.


The company was launched in 2012 by four friends from Jan III Sobieski High School in Kraków, as part of a business classes project. Before graduation, we were already mentioned in „Forbes”.

There was one goal - we wanted every school and university in Europe to be able to boast their own sweatshirts, emphasising their uniqueness. Rascal sweatshirts were supposed to serve not only an element of their owner’s wardrobe, but also an emphasis on the lifestyle of pupils and students.

The sweatshirts made by us for schools and universities were quickly met with great interest. After 5 years, our products were worn not only by students from all over Poland, but also from Berlin, Munich, Zurich, and San Francisco. From the beginning of 2018, ESN Polska joined our group of partners.

Today, we sew personalised apparel for customers from all over Europe. We want every company, agency, school and university to be able to emphasise their image with their own clothes.

We grow along with our brand and our customers.​

More than 167,000 schoolchildren, students and company employees already wear our sweatshirts and t-shirts
throughout Europe.
We would be happy to dress you as well.

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How to combine learning and running your own business at the same time?


Oliver and Kuba, despite their young age, managed to set up their own company. And they are successful to this day.

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