BAMBOO. Eco-friendly clothes made of bamboo fabric.

BAMBOO. Eco-friendly clothes made of bamboo fabric.

Spiral bamboo fiber fabric / textile industry background material

Bamboo fabrics

Bamboo fabric is made of high-quality and organic fibres from bamboo shoots. Bamboo is not a demanding plant, so it’s very eco-friendly! No chemical substances are used in its production. That’s why it’s become famous as an organic material that’s 100% safe for humans and also suitable for allergy sufferers and children.

Is bamboo knit fabrics eco-friendly?

Environmentally friendly

  • It’s farmed organically without pesticides.
  • It grows quickly and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants.

Eco king for allergy sufferers

  • It’s naturally antibacterial because it contains a substance called bamboo kun.
  • Bamboo fabric doesn’t accumulate dust or mites.
  • It has antifungal and bactericidal properties.

It absorbs moisture very well

  • The material has thermoregulating properties – it’s pleasantly cool in summer, and warm in winter.
  • It eliminates odours and protects against UV rays.
  • Bamboo clothing absorbs three times more moisture than cotton.

Why are clothes made from bamboo fabric so desirable?

Clothes made of bamboo fabric are ideal both in winter and summer. Bamboo fabric has a distinctive weave, thanks to which it’s slightly flowing, extremely delicate to the touch and feels lovely on the skin. It doesn’t deform or crease. It’s easy to wash and iron.