RECYCLED MATERIALS. Eco-friendly clothes made of recycled materials.

RECYCLED MATERIALS. Eco-friendly clothes made of recycled materials.

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RECYCLED MATERIALS are ecological and environmentally friendly, and are gaining in popularity from year to year. Potentially useful raw materials are used in the production of r-PET clothing.


Limit, recycle and reuse!

  • Recycling prevents wastage of materials and reduces the consumption of new raw materials.
  • Reusing yarns and fabrics significantly reduces water and air pollution as well as fuel and energy consumption by up to 33-53%.
  • Bottles can also be used to obtain material – you only need 32 bottles to make one metre of fabric made of recycled yarn.

Recycled polyester

  • The most-popular recycled material is polyester. Its recycling reduces the amount of waste deposited in landfill. The reduction is linked to up to a 75% decrease in CO2 emissions compared with traditional polyester production!

Recycled cotton

  • Recycled fibres are reused to create cotton clothing. Previously produced cotton products are turned into offcuts, which are then dissolved. This creates pulp from which yarn for new products is extracted.

What are the characteristics

of garments sewn from recycled materials?

Polyester clothing, which is usually recycled, is characterised by exceptional durability. Polyester used in blends of materials and cotton makes clothes stretchy and very pleasant to the touch. Brands whose range includes recycled clothing follow the principle of zero waste.
Clothes made of recycled cotton retain their valuable properties, which you can read about here.