LInen. Organic apparel made of linen.

LInen. Organic apparel made of linen.

Natural fabrics from organic colors of flax and cotton in rolls, homespun textile handmade. Burlap and canvas for eco, rustic, boho, hygge decor

LINEN is one of the most valued fibres famous for its unique properties and natural origin. ‌

Linen Clothing

Noble quality in the organic spirit
  • Linen is very safe for both the body and the environment – it’s 100% biodegradable, and its cultivation makes the soil more fertile.
  • Its crops don’t require much water or chemical pesticides.
Safety for your skin
  • Linen is extremely breathable, delicate and hygroscopic, meaning it’s great at absorbing moisture.
  • In winter it protects us from the cold, in summer it cools our bodies.
  • It doesn’t cause allergies, and has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties.
  • It’s also a natural UV filter.
Impact on the food system
  • Oil and varnish are produced from flax seeds. Flax seeds are also used in the pharmaceutical industry and folk medicine.

Why is linen clothing so desirable?

Linen is smooth, silky gloss and durable, and stands out thanks to its comfort of use, making it one of the noblest materials. Over time, it becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch. It’s used in all sorts of clothing ranges. It’s more durable than cotton and more resistant to washing, but it can shrink in the wash and crinkles easily. It loses its unwanted properties when combined with other materials, and that’s why it’s often used in blends.