organic viscose (1)

Organic viscose is made using plant raw materials and produced using compounds present in nature.

Organic viscose

Environmentally friendly

Organic viscose is produced from wood pulp, which is a special cellulose fibre that’s completely renewable. The wood used in its production comes from forests managed in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. Up to 50% less water is used and CO2 emissions are created compared with standard viscose.

Safe for the body

Organic viscose is hygroscopic. It’s extremely breathable, almost like silk, which is why it works well in summer clothing. This is why it’s often used as an admixture in other eco materials. As an admixture, it endows materials with breathability and eliminates roughness.

Clothing made of this material feature a pleasant weave, is lightweight and delicate to the touch, and also doesn’t tend to cause static electricity. It’s also very durable – it doesn’t pill or shrink in the wash.